Bryan Fenkart – PORTRAIT

The night before I shot the MEMPHIS in the MIRROR photography project, I was turned on to some portraits of Broadway actors taken against a grey backdrop and the idea appealed to me… I figured at one point or another during the sessions I would need a minute or two for my SB900 flashes to recover after they overheat, not that they EVER do that.  :(   Having some type of second area to keep going at the portraits would be beneficial for me as I would be able to keep things moving and keep capturing photos, but also for these amazing actors that were taking time out of their day to be with me.  If we weren’t taking photos it easily begin to turn in to a waste of time for all involved.  So, I set my collapsible grey backdrop up on the wall, spring clamped it to a bulletin board (VERY high tech here, as I was using the only other stand I have to hold my 36″ Octagonal softbox as the 1 light for this portrait and EVERY stand I own was used on the other setup)

These portraits were a bit more classic and a lot less conceptual, although I did bring in a mostly dramatic and almost edgy quality to them by placing the light off to the side a bit more and allowing a bit of their face to fall off into shadow.  This portrait of Bryan went live on the MEMPHIS “behind the title” interview posts in the MEMPHIS BLOG and can be viewed (with some very interesting and fun text by Carolyn) at this LINK.  Interestingly enough, when I snapped this photo, Bryan and I were discussing his new album Simple & Grey and not MEMPHIS, however during the day, be filled me in on how similar he is to his character of Huey Calhoun… More on that later… for now, another, more official portrait of Bryan.  (check out the unofficial portrait of Bryan as ‘Huey’ in my Project 365 HERE).  Keep checking back on Mondays on the MEMPHIS facebook page, and Wednesdays on the MEMPHIS ‘behind the title’ blog for more photos from this amazing afternoon in Dallas!


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